Review: 'Sausage Party' - Hit Fix

Hit Fix: One of the things I think works best about this profoundly R-rated comedy is that it represents a very real attempt to expand the definition of what an animated studio film can be, and any time that happens, I’m interested. There have been plenty of attempts that have failed over the years, but this one is fairly sly about it. A cursory glance at the film might leave you thinking it’s just another in the endless parade of kid’s films about the inner lives of toys or pets or bugs or cars. I suspect there will be numerous parents who make the mistake of taking their kids to the film because they don’t pay attention, and I look forward to hearing the furious accounts of what happens when they realize that the hot dog reeeeeeeeeally likes to say “f**k.” By making this look like the sort of film that studios think of when they think of animation, but subverting the very nature of those movies, Sausage Party is more than funny. It’s downright revolutionary.

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