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The Lost Arcade Review - AVClub

AVClub: Every subculture now gets a documentary feature of its own, it seems. The Lost Arcade isn’t about video arcades generally, but about one specific arcade: Chinatown Fair in Manhattan. And it isn’t even really about Chinatown Fair so much as it’s about a particular community of people who used to frequent the place, almost all of whom were (and still are) primarily into fighting games: the Street Fighter series, the Marvel Vs. Capcom series, etc. What interests director Kurt Vincent and producer-writer Irene Chin is the way that CF (as everyone calls it) gradually became a second home for a group of kids who felt like outcasts, in part because every other video arcade in Manhattan closed not long after the ’80s boom died out. At bottom, this is the story of freaks and geeks everywhere: a quest for the like-minded, rooted in obsessive engagement with a tiny sliver of pop culture. The Lost Arcade doesn’t offer a particularly fresh angle on the subject, but it may please those nostalgic for the days when people stood in front of huge cabinets, paying a quarter a shot to do their punching by avatar.

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