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Anthropoid Review - AVClub

AVClub: Hollywood didn’t wait long to dramatize Operation Anthropoid, the code name for the Czechs’ mission to eliminate SS honcho Reinhard Heydrich—the only high-ranking Nazi (he was third highest in the chain of command, beneath only Hitler and Himmler) who was successfully assassinated during World War II. Heydrich was killed in June of 1942; by the following year, with the war still very much raging, both Fritz Lang and Douglas Sirk had already made movies chronicling the events: Lang’s was called Hangmen Also Die, while Sirk went with the even pulpier title Hitler’s Madman. Both accounts were heavily fictionalized, as were (to a lesser extent) subsequent film versions like 1975’s Operation Daybreak, which even changed the title of the mission to something less off-putting. The latest attempt, however, is having none of that. Not only does this one dare to call itself Anthropoid, at the risk of being confused with sci-fi schlock, but it also doggedly sticks to what actually happened, for better and worse. Dramatically, it’s not much of a movie, but if you just want to know how things went down, it’s certainly a more exciting précis than Wikipedia’s.

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