WWE Monday Night Raw "August 8, 2016" Review - AVClub

AVClub: Back in 2002, just a few months after WWE’s first ever brand split, the company pulled off perhaps the greatest Summerslam of all time. From Kurt Angle and Rey Mysterio setting an impossibly high bar with the opening match, to Brock Lesnar taking his place at the top of the company with a win over The Rock while an electric crowd turned on the face of the company before he’d head off to Hollywood, it was a night filled with memorable moments from top to bottom. PPVs that consistent are rare, but something about 2002, and all the change and upheaval in the company, created something special. The weeks leading up to Summerslam were used to make sure the matches on the card had huge stakes. Brock vs. Rock felt like a changing of the guard, especially with Brock demolishing Hulk Hogan only weeks before the PPV. Shawn Michaels vs. Triple H was built on years of history. Edge and Eddie Guerrero put on a clinic in intensity and grappling.

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