The DC Extended Universe Needs a Course Correction


In light of the critically-divisive Man of Steel, Batman V Superman and Suicide Squad, here's how the DCEU can change to improve its reception.

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Retroman679d ago

they can change by getting rid of Leto and Eisenberg to correct the course.

dboyman679d ago

Don't forget get rid of Zach Snyder nd David Goyer....Especially Snyder..

Porcelain_Chicken679d ago

Wait why Leto?! Also I know Eisnberg was a terrible Lex, but how does firing an actor who played a villain in this franchise about 2 movies ago help "correct the course"?!?

All they need is better management. That's it. Stop letting Snyder have complete control and put someone competent in charge. Voila!

NewMonday679d ago

Leto channels the Joker from the Batman animated series and the comics the best, Nicholson and Ledger were great but they were doing their own thing.

-Foxtrot679d ago

Kind of too late to be honest. They need to quickly finish it off, go silent and plan out carefully the next Universe

They laid down a horrible tone within the Universes foundation that just doesn't work.

uncharted56679d ago

You can change the tone of the characters in the universe you know based on the actions of the heroes and the reaction of the world around them to those actions. I think the biggest flaw here has been lack of planning. I expect with WW, Flash and Aquaman solo movies the tide of negativity, bad films and just public opinion of the films to change because of the talent behind them but also the fact that they have had a treatment in conjunction with Geoff Johns who understands these characters.

Porcelain_Chicken679d ago

Next universe!?!? You want them to reboot!?! I can think of a million reasons why that is a bad idea. All it takes is one good movie to correct the course. First Class did it for X-men and Wonder Woman can hopefully do it for DC. Hopefully now that Snyder is being kept on a leash he won't go too crazy with his movies.

-Foxtrot679d ago (Edited 679d ago )

First Class was alright but it just created plot holes and made more of a mess to the franchise when they said it was part of the same timeline. Even after all that DoFP wibbly wobbley timeline stuff they still had inconsistencies in Apocalypse. It's not really the same when these films are sequels and that was a prequel "trying" to reboot something.

Wonder Woman looks pretty bad it's self. Gal Gadot is a problem herself so god knows what the film is going to be like although I honestly think critics won't be honest for two reasons 1) Pity vote - After reviewing 3 bad films they might know they have to give DC something and 2) A woman director, a main female lead and most supporting cast who are women...after Ghostbusters I could honestly see them scared to say anything incase they are called sexist. "Well I think Gal Gadot is not the best actress"...."OMG...S EXIST WOMEN HATING PIG"...."WHAAAA...NO ...I mean she's great I love her, she's the best actress out there 10/10"

Porcelain_Chicken679d ago

I agree with the plot holes and inconsistencies but it still took the franchise in a better direction and saved it from itself. After X-men 3 and X-men Origins the franchise was tainted. The release of FC got people interested again. And we got 2 pretty good sequels. DOFP and The Wolverine. That's a course correction if I ever saw one! Inconsistency aside.

Also are you saying Wonder Woman will only get praise outta pity?! As in, you're sure of it? Because of Ghostbusters!?! Sounds like an excuse. If it's bad the critics will not hold back. And if they do then the fans won't.

-Foxtrot679d ago

It only looked like it was saved because The Last Stand was so bad...but to count it as the same timeline made it come off bad. It's like Origins, they just didn't think any of that through, like First Class it felt like it was supposed to be a reboot but they made it part of the same timeline. It shows me that they didn't think it through and it was all slap dash. Like why add Havok for example if Scott was in the originals and never once mentioned his brother, plus he was older then Scott while in the majority of the comics Scotts being the older brother. The Wolverine wasn't that good either, better then the first but that's all it had...oh plus Hugh Jackman, it's like Iron Man 2 and Iron Man 3. I god damn hated Iron Man 3 but the saving grace was RDJ. Funny how the best people for the roles get their own films and they are rushed resulting in them being pretty lousy.

I'm saying it's a possibilitiy with the amount of backlash die hard crybabies have been giving critics. They hate DC, they've been paid off, there's some secret agenda...maybe this is the chance to show them they aren't.

As for the Ghostbusters comparison that's a separate point from the first (not the pity good review). It just feels like if they said they didn't like it these die hard whiners coming up with these conspiracy theories about critics being paid off will use the "sexist" card to defend the film.

I mean critics trashed SS...rightfully so but despite not being like the characters. Margot acting and looking nothing like Harley and Will Smith being Will Smith not Deadshot they still praised them and said they "nailed it"...seems like it was to say something nice about the film and who better to give praise to then two of the biggest stars of the film who they probably don't want to p*** off.