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David Ayer's Suicide Squad Sets A New Monday And Tuesday Box Office Record


David Ayer and Warner Bros.' Suicide Squad sailed past another box office record on Monday and Tuesday, though things may not look bright for the DC supervillain film when the weekend rolls around...

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dauntingpixel704d ago

nice. suck on that critics. i'm happy to see ss doing well.

gangsta_red704d ago

Yea, let's encourage slop because it made good money.

Porcelain_Chicken704d ago

Clearly we're all not in the same boat.

-Foxtrot703d ago

I know right...and people wonder why Hollywood keeps churning out crap

-Foxtrot703d ago

Oh come on it was a badly made film. If SS wasn't slapped on the title you wouldn't be saying that

Badly Edited

Overuse of music in every scene

Poorly scripted

Plot structured is all over

Camera work was a little sloppy

Miscast actors

Horrible designs

It was just a bad movie on it's own. If you want bad films to do well then I don't know what to say.