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Resident Evil: The Final Chapter Returns to Raccoon City

The first trailer for Resident Evil: The Final Chapter is here, and we're returning to Raccoon City. Check it out and see what Jordan Leendertsen thinks.

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Soldierone469d ago

Visually looks awesome. Sound editing, like most trailers lately, is absolutely horrible......

MasterD919469d ago

I hope this isn't like RE: Extinction.

gangsta_red469d ago (Edited 469d ago )

Jesus that looked like complete shit.

A print ID for a motorcycle? When does this world have time to move technology like that during a zombie apocalypse?

Sony is in bad shape

Porcelain_Chicken468d ago

On last movie eh?! Finally.. Then maybe we can reboot!!! In a modern world where the Resident Evil games are going back to their horror roots and stuff like The Walking Dead exists maybe they'll get the hint and see the potential in this franchise.