The DC Extended Universe’s Darker Tone Isn’t Its Problem

With the release of Suicide Squad, the DC Extended Universe gets a more fun and fast-paced addition compared to 2013’s Man of Steel and 2016’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. However, the critics’ responses for this true action spectacle are still not too bright, sitting around 41% at the time of writing.

So, is it finally time to rule out the grim and dark tone of past entries in the DCEU as a cause for their critical controversy? To answer that question in short: yes, it most definitely is.

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-Foxtrot684d ago

Designs, miscast actors, changes for the sake of them

SvenBoonen683d ago

Who would you have rather seen in one of the roles?

-Foxtrot683d ago

Roger Cross or Idris Elba - Bronze Tiger

William Defoe - The Joker

Oscar Issac (Jeffrey Dean Morgan if he wasn't Thomas Wayne) - Deadshot

Kristen Bell, Juno Temple or Amy Smart - Harley Quinn

To name a few

NotEvenMyFinalForm683d ago

don't forget about Snyder, an unproven director, being the one sculpting the universe and executives meddling into the production process too. Like for example, Ayer was the director of Suicide Squad, right? But the ones that edited the final cut that is on theaters were the guys that made the original teaser. It's crazy.