The Night Of "The Season Of The Witch" Review - AVClub

AVClub: “The Season Of The Witch” might be the best episode of The Night Of to date. It also might be completely pointless. The episode picks up some welcome momentum as both Box and Stone begin investigating in earnest. For Box, this is mostly a question of bookkeeping, as he uses data pulled from E-Z Pass, credit card, parking ticket, and cell tower records to reconstruct Naz’s journey from his home in Queens to Andrea’s apartment. There’s no real search for new information going on here, at least not at first, and what’s remarkable to some extent is the fact that it’s only now, past the show’s halfway point, that Box is even bothering to do this. But then, such information wasn’t relevant until now—all that mattered was what happened once Naz and Andrea entered the apartment, and Box didn’t see much room for uncertainty there. He only does any of this to ensure there are no nasty surprises later, to confirm what he and the State of New York have already concluded.

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