Resident Evil: The Final Chapter Gets 1st Official Poster And Image Of Milla Jovocich As Alice


Wiping out hordes of the undead can take its toll, as this new pic of a battle-weary Alice (Milla Jovocich) from Resident Evil: The Final Chapter can attest to. Plus, we also have a cool new poster...

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gangsta_red681d ago

Gawd, this series is like Fast and Furious, they have all just blended into one big mess of a movie. I seriously have no idea which one did what in which part.

Porcelain_Chicken680d ago (Edited 678d ago )

It doesn't help that half of them start with Alice narrating "my name is alice...." Followed by a bunch of world building bumbo jumbo that gets them out of the f--king corner they wrote themselves into in the last movie... Also CLIFFHANGERS.... that always lead to nothing.

gangsta_red680d ago

Lmao! Real talk!

I remember one RE movie where she had a whole army of clone Alice's by the end, then the next movie I think they all died within the first two minutes and she was alone again looking like Mad Max. I remember thinking, "what..the..f***!"

Porcelain_Chicken678d ago

Right!?! Or Resident Evil 4 (movie not the game) when they are on the ship ready to brace themselves from the incoming Umbrella forces who are proudly boasting "shoot to kill, no survivors" orders and in the next one Alice immediately gets knocked out and all they main characters are captured... (,_, ) F--k.... Then she spends the rest of the movie in a gimp suit! Complete with buckles and sh*t!! <_> WTF!!!! And all those Mortal Combat x-rays... WHY THE F--K WAS THERE MORTAL KOMBAT X-RAYS!!?! How about taking stuff from the Resident Evil games to put into these movies!!!! -_-

F--k!!!!!! Why are we talking about this... Now I'm just irritated lol.