Harley Quinn Deserves Better Than Suicide Squad


Haleigh Foutch breaks down why Margot Robbie's standout turn as Harley Quinn deserves a lot more than what she got in 'Suicide Squad'.

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-Foxtrot685d ago

Damn right...

Horrible Design

More on her sex appeal and not the intelligent side of her to sell film. It came off cheap.

No consistent accent (I felt like there was 4-5 she was tying to do)

Origin story changed a little and stripped it down

Only good scene she and the Joker had was when they replicated the Alex Ross artwork, but it felt forced into the film and you knew it was there for a comic book fan nerdgasm moment. "Lets do it because we'll be known as the first film to do it".

freshslicepizza684d ago

i see you are spreading your positivity again. your friends must love your company, especailly sitting next to you in a theatre.

do you ever try, like, going to see a movie and just try and enjoy it? you know, without the pad and pencil making notes of what was wrong?

spicelicka682d ago

Why? Because he's criticizing a film he paid to see? It was a garbage movie with misleading marketing. It made a shit ton of money that it didn't deserve. I enjoy all kinds of movies, and I personally could not stop cringing, and my friends felt the same way, how do you enjoy a movie that's just bad?? Maybe you need to watch more movies to get a better sense of what a good movie is.

spicelicka682d ago

I think there was also a lot of bad editing, they rushed through the scenes so fast. I could barely get a sense of her character before we were thrown into a completely different scene.

47683d ago

Harley was fine. It was her relationship with Joker that was awful. He was portrayed as a loving, caring boyfriend. That's garbage. That's not Joker.

gangsta_red683d ago

Agreed, that was extremely off putting. The whole time I thought to myself, does the Joker actually care about her? Way out of character.

BLAKHOODe682d ago

You're essentially saying I want to see Harley Quinn in a movie, but I don't want to see that kind of Harley Quinn. I'm guessing you would have preferred her to stay Dr. Harleen Quinzel, which, I admit, might make an interesting, shrink talking to patient, JOKER movie, but Harley Quinn has always been nutz. She's always been sexy - even in her original full body suit that so rightfully displayed all those perfect curves. She has always had a love-hate, ABUSIVE and obsessive relationship with The Joker, whom, despite how much they sometimes hate each other, can't keep their hands off each other. We got all this in Suicide Squad. Maybe the execution wasn't perfect. Maybe Margot Robbie didn't nail the ascent just right. The movie certainly didn't go deep enough into the Harley/Joker relationship, which should have and needed to be abusive (but that didn't test well with bandwagoners, so it got scrapped), because THAT's the kind of relationship Harley and Joker have always had. It honestly sickens me that all these bandwagon riding Harley Quinn "fans" want to change such a fantastic character - a character who has always been BEST as a sidekick. (If you don't believe me, try reading her horrendous solo comic book.) It reminds me of you find that perfect mate and then marrying them thinking you can "fix" them. They are who they are. They're not going to change who they are, so you're fooling yourself. Harley Quinn IS who Harley Quinn is. If you are turned off by her sexiness, craziness, viciousness, then you are NOT and never were a Harley Quinn fan and you need to get off the bandwagon and stop pretending that you are.

mamotte682d ago

In general, DC fans deserve decent movies.