TVF The Night Of Season 1 Episode 5 Review: The Season of the Witch

On The Night Of Season 1 Episode 5, while Naz acclimates to the routine of prison life, more information comes to light that may help his case.
John/Jack Stone reminds me of the kind of guy you'd read about in series of mystery novels.

His quirks alone would make for entertaining reading, but he's also always gathering new clientele (even if they may not yet realize it). On The Night Of Season 1 Episode 5, Stone was beating the streets for the case and came into contact with all kinds of new prospects to represent.

You might say he takes too many chances. Then again, it would have been nice if Box had done a little of this work. It really is disheartening the prosecution seems to want ANY case against AN accused instead arresting the person responsible for murdering Andrea.

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