Suicide Squad 'Spoiler Free' Review: COG

COG's head movie critic, Doug Mercer has nothing good to say about Suicide Squad calling it a stupid, utterly obnoxious, waste of time.

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Soldierone680d ago

The whole DC Hate train is old news now. Fans loved it, better start switching gears before fans start ignoring the reviews....

Digital_Anomaly680d ago

Just like anyone else, a critic's take on a movie is personal opinion and just because one doesn't line up with your views doesn't make it a click-bait review. If you're being 100% objective you'll see that reviews have been polarizing from fans and critics alike so yeah, there's that. Not ALL fans loved it.

Just like BvS, I know people who loved it and people who hated it. I wouldn't call any of them wrong. I'd simply call them people with different opinions. Why is that so hard for people to understand?

NotEvenMyFinalForm680d ago

Most of this review is the author triggered about racism and sexism tho.

Soldierone680d ago

Giving a film a 0 means it is outright unwatchable. It is also important to hold those same standards across the board for other movies, not just live action movies with "DC" at the beginning. Also important is taking your audience into consideration and providing positive points for them. It's hard to see that on this site since they review games and randomly reviewed two movies. (It's like they decided to tackle this movie because a negative review is the trend and they floated it in there.)

Yet taking that into context, they gave the new Ghostbusters game (which is truly utter garbage in every way you could imagine) a 28. They even destroy it in their review so why didn't that get a 0?

I agree that reviews are subjective, but this is click bait. 0/5 alone is total clickbait.

spicelicka679d ago

As someone who doesn't care about DC or Marvel or superheroes for that matter, I just like good movies and this movie was horrible. I loved Deadpool, i thought Civil war was really good, but this was mediocre. I agree 0/5 is clickbait, but that doesn't mean the movie is good.