ComicMix - John Ostrander Reviews the Suicide Squad


As we start, I think you should know my biases. I think you should know any critics’ bias. Myself, I use them mostly as consumer reporters. If I find a critic whose tastes largely coincide with mine, I tend to trust them more. The late great Roger Ebert was one. Knowing who is giving you their opinion is important; what does their opinion matter if you don’t trust them?

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dauntingpixel656d ago

i thoroughly enjoyed suicide squad but admittedly am still a little unsure of how much i liked it as i wasn't in a particularly good mood on friday night when we went to see it and a little tired and cranky. i'm going to see it again this week tin a better mood before i pass final judgement

alycakes654d ago

I liked it a lot and I was in a pretty good mood when I saw it. I was fun and it had a good story. The characters were well chosen I thought. I'm looking forward to seeing another one. I would see it again.

akaFullMetal654d ago

It was meh to me, somewhere in that mess was a great movie but it never showed up.

spicelicka653d ago

It was so trash, anyone that has some critical consciousness of a good movie should understand why this movie was bad. If you go into the theatres just to watch some action then perhaps you'll enjoy it.