Suicide Squad Opens to $267 Million Worldwide


Suicide Squad opens to $267 million worldwide! The David Ayer-directed film earned a record $135.1 million at the domestic box office.

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StarWarsFan678d ago (Edited 678d ago )

Pretty awesome. I thought it would do well, but I didn't think it would do that well on opening weekend.

Aldous_Snow677d ago

Reportedly needs $750 million just to break even. And with a 41% drop off after its 1st weekend, it stands no chance

Chevalier677d ago

The article said it was made on a budget of $175 million. That's some insane advertising cost if it ended up at $750 million.

fllysurfer677d ago

nah… it cost $850M to make so it´s not out of the red yet. Only merchandising could save it.

spicelicka677d ago

It's bullshit IMO, great that some people are getting paid but the marketing was a total lie. It was a garbage movie and I won't be tricked into paying Day 1 for a movie like this again.

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