'Bad Moms': EW Review

EW: As someone with three-year-old twin boys and an exhausted saint of a wife at home, I can say without any hesitation that being a mom is the hardest job there is. Nothing even comes close. And lately, it seems to just be getting harder and harder, as self-righteous, scolding mommy blogs constantly jackhammer home the feeling that everything you do is not only wrong, but also probably criminally negligent. That your kid will be Charles Manson if you don’t follow all of the rules. Maybe it’s always been this way. But certainly not to this degree. All of the tsk-tsking has reached peak levels of judginess. On its surface, Bad Moms is just Hollywood’s latest raunchy comedy about grown-ups behaving badly, like Bad Teacher and Bad Santa. But the biggest surprise about the film is how much deeper it goes than that surface. Beneath all of its hard-R partying, rebellious debauchery, and profanity, it taps into something very real and insidious in the zeitgeist. It’s one of the funniest movies of the year—and one of the most necessary.

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