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The Guardian: Let us take a moment to give thanks to whichever deity watches over cinema for the gift of Kathryn Hahn. Ms Hahn, known more from television shows like Parks and Recreation and Transparent has popped up in comedies like Anchorman and Wanderlust as well as strong but esoteric indies like Afternoon Delight. We’ve already counted on her to take whatever she’s in and make it better. But with Carla, the baddest of the bad moms in Jon Lucas and Scott Moore’s new raunchy comedy Hahn delivers a performance that secures her position as one of the most electrifying performers on the scene today. Like a mix of Sandra Bernhard and John Belushi, Hahn’s Carla is a foul-mouthed force of nature, equal parts shocking and sweet. Every damn reaction shot she gives is hilarious, every line out of her mouth is quotable. The gross, bawdy single mother who would “rather go to Afghanistan” than to another one of her son’s boring baseball games is a perfect marriage of artist and repertoire.

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