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Homo Sapiens Review - AVClub

AVClub: Here’s the joke—if you can call it that—of Homo Sapiens, the eerie and post-apocalyptic new documentary piece by Austria’s Nikolaus Geyrhalter: It’s got no people in it. Shot all over the world, the film offers a breathtaking array of abandoned places. None of them are identified (no narration, no text, no trace of human presence), though some are well-known: the Buzludzha Monument in Bulgaria, which resembles a massive Communist spaceship that sustained a crash landing; Japan’s Hashima Island, a nightmarish maze of concrete apartment blocks and stairways that was abandoned in the 1970s; the streets and shops of the Fukushima exclusion zone; the so-called Cavern Of The Lost Souls, a subterranean lake in Wales used to dump old cars. One almost wishes that Geyrhalter (Our Daily Bread) had come up with a less on-the-nose title. But then, what else could he call it?

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