Into The Forest Review - AVClub

AVClub: What would become of American society if the power were to go out permanently nationwide? Odds are we’d be looking at a fairly apocalyptic scenario—something like The Stand, perhaps, except with most people killed by a battle for dwindling resources rather than by a superflu. The new drama Into The Forest, however, uses this dystopian premise to fashion a comparatively small-scale nightmare, observing how the end of electricity affects two adult sisters living in an isolated rural house. It’s a risky approach to such grave material, requiring characters vivid and dynamic enough to serve as a compelling microcosm; viewers not fully engaged by what’s happening on screen are sure to be constantly distracted by thoughts of the meltdown that must be happening off screen. The risk doesn’t pay off here, alas. Indeed, there are stretches of Into The Forest during which one could momentarily forget that it’s a survivalist tale at all… or even that it’s taking place in the middle of nowhere, for that matter. The essential becomes irrelevant.

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