Steven Universe "Steven Vs. Amethyst" Review - AVClub

AVClub: It’s rare for any of the Crystal Gems to be in a genuinely bad mood for more than an episode or two—with the obvious exception of the Pearl-Garnet arc from “Cry For Help” through “Friend Ship,” there’s not a ton of infighting, and not even much sustained, front-facing dourness in the face of overwhelming odds and near-total isolation. But after yesterday’s episode, Amethyst has a really, really good reason to be moody. She’s been brutally confronted with her limitations, and doesn’t know how to move past them. If she decides to spend some time seriously thinking about how to respond to her encounter with Jasper, she might come out stronger than ever. But that’ll take time. More than anything, Hilary Florido and Lauren Zuke use “Steven Vs. Amethyst” to establish how even a slightly less emotionally healthy (read: normal) person would respond to the kind of situations the Gems find themselves in.

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