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Timeless EP Eric Kripke on Why Supernatural Fans Will Love It

Craig Byrne spoke to Supernatural creator Eric Kripke at the TCA Press Tour about his new show Timeless, as well as Supernatural Easter eggs.

Eleven years ago, writer-producer Eric Kripke created Supernatural, a show that began as an adventure of two brothers as they explored urban legends and faced demons, all while driving around the country in their classic Impala. Supernatural, which stars Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki, is a journey that still continues to this day, building a deep mythology and cultivating a devoted fan base that seems to grow with each new season.

For this Fall TV season, Kripke is back with a new project titled Timeless which he created with Shawn Ryan of The Shield fame. We caught up with Kripke at a party following the NBC press day of this year’s Television Critics Association Press Tour to discover why Supernatural fans will want to check out his new show:

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