Geek Review: Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad makes Batman v Superman look Oscar worthy. If Jesse Eisenberg was in this it probably would have improved it. Stay well away.

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the_mack_attack3684d ago

I've never read such an idiotic review in my life.

b163o1684d ago

Do not read this, its certified click bait.... >:^(

hirobrotagonist684d ago

This movie can't possibly be this bad..

annoyedgamer684d ago

I have no opinion on Suicide Squad but seeing the site give the atrocious Ghostbusters film a 7/10 shows they have an agenda.

blackblades684d ago

Only way to find out is to watch it, also I recommend the animation movie. The animation movies of dc are king.

annoyedgamer684d ago

Let's see

Suicide Squad 3/10

Ghostbusters (2016) 7/10

Nuff said

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