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Isaac from WGTC writes "Haphazardly paced and generically plotted, Suicide Squad benefits immensely from the winning presence of Will Smith's Deadshot and Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn, two thrilling and tremendously well-crafted villains who are easier to root for than anyone in this year's other DC entry."

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madhouse02661d ago

Man, is there one thing that I like that is going to be received well by critics? I'm so gutted this isn't what I had hoped. I'll still see it.. but I thought this was going to knock it out the park.

gamerpop661d ago

It's one for those movies that's going to appeal to DC fans and not many else. Critically I'm pleased it's better than BvS but to be honest it needed to be much better to do exceed BvS commercially. I'm still not convinced by the DC universe or its staple of characters.

TheHip14661d ago

Shocked at the poor reviews it's getting.