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CBR: "Suicide Squad"s path to theaters has been littered with red flags and marketing with loads of WTF. Its premise pitches a bunch of lesser-known villains into an ensemble summer tent pole with no primer. That's a lot of backstory and character setup to lay down in one film (instead of, say, the five movies that led to Marvel Studios' "The Avengers"). Warner Bros. won praise for hiring director David Ayer, who has been heralded for the intense violence and real-world grit he brought to dramas about cops ("End of Watch") and war ("Fury"). But when that killer trailer blasted "Bohemian Rhapsody" and suggested "Suicide Squad" would have a more playful tone than this spring's grim "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice," many were perplexed, since Ayer is not known for comedy.

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