Suicide Squad Review: Psychotic Mediocrity - Victory Point

VP Daily:

Warner Brothers releases another entry into the DC universe. Does Suicide Squad live up to expectations?

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zodiac909691d ago

When the Hype is > than the product.
I wish they didn't tease this movie for as much as they did for so long.

EazyC690d ago

What a failure, I hope this tanks at the box office and they stop churning out comic book movies like there's no tomorrow. The only truly great comic-ey thing was Dredd

-Foxtrot690d ago

I wouldn't want them to stop....buuuut I do want DC to stop and maybe reboot what they are doing

They've rushed this and honestly they should get up to Justice League then stop

Better, more accurate looking actors, a nice slow build up, focus on a story don't mix them etc