Margot Robbie Spills The Secret Recipe for Her 'Suicide Squad' Voice

USA Today

The squeaky yet madly inviting voice of Gotham City bad girl Harley Quinn is as iconic as her oversized mallet, colorful coif and "LOVE/HATE" gun.

Which meant it was important for Suicide Squad actress Margot Robbie to perfect what her Harley should sound like.

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Porcelain_Chicken684d ago

Really cool! I love how her voice sounds on the plane, when talking to Katanna. It sounds very "Harley". I'm so freaking pumped for this! Just three more days!!!!!

-Foxtrot683d ago

Not like she sounds like her anyway...the accent isn't even there and she tries too hard to be "Harley" like

I can see why this failed....I didn't actually expect it would to be honest.