Jeremy Renner Was So "Frustrated" By The First Avengers Film That He Wanted To Be Killed Off

Radio Times

Jeremy Renner must be pretty happy these days with his role as superhero archer Hawkeye, who’s appeared in the Marvel Cinematic Universe since 2011 and had a key role in multiple record-breaking movies – but as it turns out, the actor wasn’t always so chuffed about playing Clint Barton.
In fact, for a while he wanted him dead.

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-Foxtrot687d ago

I like Renner but I think Karl Urban would have made a better Hawkeye.

WizzroSupreme685d ago

Wow, sucker for punishment, isn't he?

TricksterArrow685d ago

If he really did that on set... Isn't it a little unprofessional? "Kill me off, I don't want to do your movie which I signed for and read the script (or at least should've)".

MasterD919685d ago

I think we're all still expecting his death.

685d ago
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