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AVClub: Looking: The Movie begins with the question, “So, is it good to be back?” It’s a taxi driver making small talk with his passenger, Patrick, who’s shot through the window so his head is in the clouds as the buildings fly by in reflection. It must be a good day because Patrick doesn’t immediately unload all his anxieties on his cellmate, saying instead, “Ask me in a couple of days.” Time and timing are great themes of Looking, as they are in much of showrunner and Looking: The Movie director Andrew Haigh’s work. Here’s a meditative dramedy that demands its audience slow down, a gay coming-of-age story that pivots on how its characters’ personal journeys resonate with the wider historical movement of gay acceptance, and television’s great romance that finds grandeur in the everyday activity of simply getting to know someone. The show was cancelled, but, in the glorious tradition of Derek, granted an epilogue movie. So it’s a question for us, too, is it good to be back, and the answer is no, it’s kind of disappointing. Looking: The Movie is a beautiful finale, but what kind of a sadist resurrects a cancelled show just to end it for good?

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