WWE Monday Night Raw "July 25, 2016" Review - AVClub

AVClub: For the most part, last week’s WWE Draft garnered less than favorable reactions. Many saw the night as a clear sign that WWE, entering into a New Era with a full brand extension, was just going to keep pumping out matches and segments that kept the status quo. Raw looked like the stronger show compared to Smackdown, and the lower rankings of certain superstars left a lot of fans feeling defeated. What so much of that criticism misses though—LaToya’s stellar review is one of the only ones to see the forest rather than the trees—is that the Draft is really only a small precursor of what’s to come. The real test began Sunday with Battleground, and extends all the way through Tuesday to the conclusion of the second Smackdown! Live. The real test is in how WWE handles the split over a period of weeks. If Battleground and tonight’s Raw is any indication, things are seriously looking up for WWE fans looking for meaningful change.

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