Why We Still Love VHS Tapes (Even Though They Were Rubbish)


The last VCR manufacturer in existence will cease production at the end of this week, drawing a line under an already lost age that nonetheless stirs nostalgia in all of us.

Who can forget the skillful art of late-night recording? The golden age of home video? And the living room shelf creaking under the weight of self-made treasures adorned with hand-written labels?

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spicelicka692d ago

Will always love VHS tapes! Something about that video quality makes my nostalgia sense tingle with excitement. I have a little station set up in my room with a classic stereo TV with a VCR in it, a bunch of VHS tapes and an old Nintendo. It's great to come back to every now and then, and cool contrast to my LED TV/Xbox One on the other side of the room.