The UnPopular Opinion: The Last Witch Hunter


Forgive me, but I don't get Vin Diesel. In interviews and behind the scenes footage, the gravel-voiced actor sounds and acts like a cool dude. A self-proclaimed geek, Diesel exudes the kind of charm that makes panties drop and high fives happen. On the big screen, Diesel has only found major success as an actor in the Fast and Furious franchise while his other films feel like series starters that fail at launch. Despite a decent fan base, the Riddick movies have not really clicked with mass audiences and his return to the XXX movies doesn't look like it will be able to salvage that project either. But, Vin Diesel is a passionate guy and because of his clout with Universal, he was able to make a movie he really wanted to make in The Last Witch Hunter. And, despite some nitpicks, it is actually a really enjoyable action movie.

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