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COG writes: Fathom Events announced Batman: The Killing Joke would be released in select theaters for two nights only. We were there and loved every second.

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NotEvenMyFinalForm574d ago

Watched it yesterday. The movie is garbage. Very badly written, nonsensical, boring, pretentious, angsty... Yuck

Devil-X574d ago

not to add not even a fan of the way the Batman laughs with the Joker at The End.

Deadpoolio574d ago (Edited 574d ago )

You forgot that god awful cheap art style that was so god awful at times it could have been a motion comic....Not to forget also that it completely sounded like Mark Hamill and Kevin Conroy sounded like they phoned in their performances....And NO nobody can claim its because of Mark Hamill's age because he sounded perfect in Arkham Knight.... No way is this a 5/5 more like a 2 or 3/5

MEsoJD574d ago

It was such a disappointment.

acemonkey574d ago

this was just an okay animated movie... if you are rating it so high base off of what you saw we saw two different animated movies. or just way too much of a fanboy

Silly gameAr574d ago

5/5? We must have watched 2 different movies.

quent574d ago

3/5 max, seems more like a stop/gap tie in with a very weak origin story tidbit for the joker, and that ending, yeah laugh with a guy that just hours earlier....

Surt574d ago

If you didn't care for the comic. Your not going to like this.

If you like to use words like "problematic" "fridged" Your not going to like this.

If your in denial of batman beyond reveal of batman and batgirl relationship... Your not going to like this.

For me it was 4/5. And yes I did like the comic, because it allowed joker to actually be completely evil.

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