Game of Thrones is Ending in Two Years, And I Couldn't be Happier


There are so many ways a television show can go wrong in later seasons, especially when they don’t quite know where to go. A perfect example of this would be How I Met Your Mother. The show kept getting extended to the point where they had an entire season that took place over a weekend, because that’s how few original story ideas they had left. Also: Ted was a monster person and I didn’t want him to find happiness ever in his sad little douchey life.

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WizzroSupreme667d ago

It's probably best that way. A show with a vision is bound for greatness.

Aldous_Snow666d ago




SaffronCurse666d ago

It sucks to know it is ending soon. But I also don't want the show to overstay it's welcome.

SarcasticDuck666d ago

totally agree! someone show this to CW!? we need Supernatural to end and Constantine to return!

btw, "A perfect example of this would be How I Met Your Mother"... that's painful!