Scarlett Johansson Spotted in Ghost in the Shell Costume in Hong Kong


Until now, we haven’t gotten that good of a look at Scarlett Johansson in the upcoming Ghost in the Shell film. The only released publicity still is a profile shot, so it’s hard to see how she’ll pull off augmented-cybernetic human Motoko Kusanagi.

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Soldierone591d ago

In the second pic of the guy playing Batou, it's funny to me that the guy behind him looks more like the character :P

NotEvenMyFinalForm590d ago (Edited 590d ago )

Batou is missing the prosthetic eyes tho, unless they gonna add it later as an effect.

On a side note, based on these photos the movie seem to be inspired more on Blade Runner than Gits itself.

dauntingpixel590d ago

i'm just looking forward to seeing the movie in action.

MyDietEqualsGames590d ago

If she is not nude through half the movie, then it's going to be a disappointing movie. Not that I am perverted, but staying true to the source material is important for a movie like this.