Disney Watered Down Darth Vader Scene In Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

WGTC writes: According to a Reddit user, Disney is making some serious cuts to Gareth Edwards' Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

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-Foxtrot745d ago

Urgh. Disney is going to ruin these spin offs

They are supposed to be different and aim at other audiences.

After the hype wore off I was hoping for this to be better then Force Awakens

WhoCaresWhatMyNameIs744d ago


Totally false rumors. In fact, Gareth Edwards' twitter response to these rumors are priceless. Internet blowing this up over nothing. Reshoots are part of post-production, just magnify 1000x because it's Star Wars.

-Foxtrot744d ago

Yes because he or they are going to admit it and create negative PR for the film

KwietStorm744d ago

So what's the alternative? You believe it just because it's printed?

s45gr32744d ago

Is just a reddit guy trying to make drama out of nothing. Disney has not said anything or confirmed that they were re-shooting Rogue One scenes.

MilkMan745d ago

I had faith in the movie. Now I dont.

s45gr32744d ago

So you believe some reddit guy without confirmation from Disney or at least Mark Hamil

Utalkin2me744d ago

Shhhhhhh, people are so gullible.

annoyedgamer745d ago

Now we know why Disney sold the game rights to EA. They both like to put their slimy claws into everything and stifle creativity.

HAMM3RofBUDDHA745d ago

This is a bummer and what I feared the reshoots would tackle. I thought the Vader scenes could have been epic based on how they talked about portraying him, but now it will be made family friendly to sell more tickets.

s45gr32744d ago

Oh come on, you are believing some Reddit guy that posted a stupid false rumour, "Star Wars Rogue One", on a forum over Disney (the company that owns the "Star Wars" franchise).

dauntingpixel745d ago (Edited 745d ago )

highly dubious post by a site that can hardly be trusted

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