The Joker Cracks A Smile In New Suicide Squad Photos

WGTC writes: The Joker cracks a menacing smile in these new photos from David Ayer's Suicide Squad.

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Soldierone553d ago

This joker legit scares me with the promotional stuff they have for him. The slight hidden tone he has is very intriguing.

GT67553d ago (Edited 553d ago )

This guy will NEVER!! surpass Ledger's Joker no matter how well he is.............imo.

Inzo552d ago

Its not about Leto's acting, maybe he is great but its about the look of that Joker which is just f*#^ing horrendous.

KingPin552d ago

that forehead tattoo is ridiculous.
Leto may be a good joker but that look just kills it for me.

GT67552d ago

This nutcase look like a clown with green hair. i mean Joker is a clown by far, but Joker goes beyond looking like a ordinary clown. more like a mass murder in a clown face mask im sorry Leto not a murder, a clown yes, murder no.
Cesar romero beat Leto,Nicholson beat Leto. Ledger?? shall i say more. i pray to God leto is not Affleck Joker.