Veep "C**tgate" Review - AVClub

AVClub: In “Thanksgiving,” Veep introduced the idea of Jonah Ryan running for Congress and already, it’s paying comedic dividends. There are several ways the writers could have gone with this new arc, making Jonah surprisingly adept at campaigning or insecure and tentative in his new role. Instead, he’s the same defensive, loud-mouthed asshole he’s always been, and it’s delightful. Jonah is entirely out of his depth and unprepared for what a campaign requires, but he’s not going to let that fact, or the advice of his team, stop him from reaching out to his constituents. Jonah kicks off his political career by turning a focus group into a fiasco in record time, berating the participants, and his inability to control his temper is not his only liability: only one episode into the storyline, it appears Jonah’s uncle Jeff may not know New Hampshire voters as well as he thinks he does. It’s a great start to what should be a glourious train wreck.

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