Person Of Interest "Sotto Voce" Review - AVClub

AVClub: Reunited and it feels so good. The climax of this episode has been a long time coming. The assembly of the entirety of Team Machine is very satisfying to see after such a long separation. Some elements of this reunion are more satisfying than others but overall, it’s a welcome sight to behold. This isn’t the only aspect of “Sutto Voce” that feels nostalgic. In many ways, this episode is a reexamination of Person Of Interest’s central premise. The show concerns victims and perpetrators, and the difficulty of distinguishing between the two in this world—even when evaluating oneself. Trust is an important asset that’s difficult to come by when allegiances aren’t always clear. The big twist of the episode reveals that the supposed victim is actually the perpetrator. This isn’t a new type of reveal that Person Of Interest invented, but it actually resonates in this context because of the episode’s thematic connections to the show’s premise.

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