Archer "Deadly Velvet: Part II" Review - AVClub

AVClub: I’m still debating whether it’s subversive, or just simplistic, that everything that happened on this season of Archer turned out to be exactly what it seemed. Veronica Deane really did kill Ellis Crane. Longwater really is just a grubby little insurance scheme (and a sex tape, to boot.) Deitrich and Harris really are cops, the Kriegerbots really are just standard Krieger goofiness, and it really is Sterling Archer floating dead in that Hollywood pool. “Deadly Velvet: Part II” is almost audacious, in the way it defuses the various narrative bombs that Adam Reed and company have been building up across the season. If nothing else, it reaffirms that Archer is far more interested in playing games with expectations and telling jokes than it is in indulging in longform storytelling, or nuanced emotional growth.

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