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Bloodline "Part 18" Review - AVClub

AVClub: It’s hard not to write about season one of Bloodline when writing about season two. I worried all my reviews would turn to comparison, obsessing too much over the changes between this season and last. In some ways, Bloodline seems like a fundamentally different show in its post-Danny days. Aesthetically, it’s very much the same. And it grapples with a lot of the same themes as season one. But the narrative structure has changed in a way that perhaps does more damage than the trio of creators could have anticipated. Bloodline season two lacks urgency. It lacks its hook. “Part 17” was a dazzling, in-depth character study of John Rayburn, but “Part 18” is back to the murky waters of building a sprawling story structure that just doesn’t hold up. I said it a couple reviews ago, and I’ll say it again: If you have the audacity to make an episode of television this long, every fucking second better count.

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