Veep "Congressional Ball" Review - AVClub

AVClub: Television loves a black tie event, an opportunity for the cast of a given series to dress to the nines and mingle, dancing or escaping the hubbub for a quick word in private. Given its setting, Veep has shown surprisingly few galas and state dinners, but those it has—season two’s “Helsinki” and season four’s “East Wing”—have been memorable. “Congressional Ball” is no exception, taking advantage of its central event to let Selina corner and confront Tom over his scheming. While the breaks, however fleeting, from Selina’s campaign in “Mother,” “Thanksgiving,” and especially “C**tgate” have been appreciated, with only three episodes left this season, this episode wisely focuses back in on the election. The action is limited to the ball and Jonah’s campaign headquarters, and this streamlines the episode, keeping the D.C. and New Hampshire-set characters together for most of the runtime and letting them ping off of each other to maximum effect.

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