Who Is The Best Batman?

Jones from Nerdhub writes "With news breaking that Ben Affleck’s Batman will be an original story we here at Nerdhub think it’s the perfect time to look back at the men who have played the caped crusader"

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Hold_It716d ago (Edited 716d ago )

Depends what you like in your Batman.

Do you want a more Kevin Conry / Animated Series kinda Batman? If so you'll probably like Keaton more.
Do you want a more emotionally distraught Batman? You'll probably like Kilmer more.
Do you want a more intimidating Batman with a military suit? You'll like Bale more.
Do you want a more vigilante Batman that is more brooding and fights like a badass? You'll like Affleck more.

I like Affleck the best due to how badass his fight scenes were, and I like how his Batman/Bruce Wayne has been through a lot of hardships that have broken him as a character like how Wolverine is in the Old Man Logan comics. His Batman is more like Thomas Wayne, and that's my favorite comic book batman.

StarWarsFan715d ago

I think Michael Keaton was the best because you wouldn't expect him to be, yet he delivers in the suit as a creature in the shadows and an emotionally-haunted Bruce Wayne. He had a nice balance and I think "haunted" is the keyword. Others have really played out the torment and emphasized it, but Keaton had it in his eyes and expressions with subtlety. Frankly, I think Tim Burton doesn't get enough credit for his work on Batman nowadays. With Keaton he delivered Batman for a modern audience in a time when there wasn't a comic book movie coming out every month. Everyone always talks about how Nolan's trilogy did something revolutionary by being dark, but Burton did it first. His movies were dark when no one else was. He even got slack for Batman Returns not being kid-friendly enough.