Judd Apatow Talks About Popstar & He Has An Opinion On All The Ghostbusters Nonsense Going Around


There’s a scene near the end of 1996’s The Cable Guy – the third movie Judd Apatow ever produced and one discussed in this interview – that predicts our future. Twenty years ago, Jim Carrey’s Chip Douglas (or Larry Tate; Carrey’s character used names from old sitcoms as aliases) stood on a satellite dish and told us that our television and our computers and our phones and our video games would all be connected – and there was something very ominous about the way Carrey delivered the line. Twenty years later and filmmakers are being harassed online about a Ghostbusters movie.

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-Foxtrot777d ago

What a dick

So anyone who hates the film or is calling it supports Donald Trump? REALLY?

Why is it people use things like that as a counter argument

"If you disagree with me then I'm going to say you either are or support Hitler/Trump/another bad guy the world hates"