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TVF Person of Interest Season 5 Episode 9 Review: Sotto Voce

On Person of Interest Season 5 Episode 9, an enemy from the past resurfaces for the POI team to face. Plus, Reese makes an important decision that changes everything.

POI team… assemble!

Person of Interest Season 5 Episode 9 delivered such a satisfying ending as the core good guys were able to finally come together.

Fusco is no longer in the dark about the truth, and Shaw’s long journey home is over.

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alycakes777d ago

This was great. I'm glad Shaw finally got back to the team and I'm glad John told Fusco the truth about everything. At least now they have no more secrets at the end.

blackblades776d ago

To bad that certain person died after getting shaw back and that other person died after surviving getting shot. Thought it was another what if scenarios. I understand none killing rule but come on the agents trying to kill you they just going to comeback.

WelkinCole776d ago

The boys are back in town. Yet another excellent series ends while many worthless ones are still going.

alycakes776d ago

That's what always happens. The good ones always get cancelled/