Why The Matrix 4 Is Clearly A Brilliant Idea

WOW247: "If Hollywood has taught us anything, it’s that making reboots/remakes/sequels to classic movies decades after their initial release always turns out well."

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-Foxtrot780d ago

They'd have to bring back Trinity, she died in such a stupid way despite him saving her in Reloaded

DillyDilly779d ago

Co directed by Paul Feig & Josh Trank the two worst directors on the planet

franwex779d ago

Forced satires is never OK.

attilayavuzer779d ago

Directed by the Wachowski...siblings...

hay778d ago

Hahah, yeah. It was brothers, then siblings, and now sisters, can't wait what's next. I bet 5 quid they'll merge into one being with four hands, no tits and no dicks.

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The story is too old to be commented.