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Dan Aykroyd Praises 'Ghostbusters' Reboot


Paul Feig’s all-female remake of the classic 1984 comedy Ghostbusters has turned out to be controversial among fans of the original — even though...

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dauntingpixel778d ago (Edited 778d ago )

come on dan. give us a break. of course the studio is going to let you see the movie early and even ask you to come out on social media platforms praising it.

Hold_It777d ago

I wonder how much money they had to pay him to say positive things about it.
It's almost like the director from the original Devil May Cry games getting paid to say positive things about the DMC reboot because everyone was trashing it.

ZombieGamerMan777d ago

or James Cameron coming out to praise Terminator Genysis

-Foxtrot777d ago

Isn't he a producer on the reboot so any money it makes he gets a slice, the more it gets the more he gets

dauntingpixel777d ago (Edited 777d ago )

he's also got a cameo as evidenced by the most recent trailer i just posted

Aldous_Snow777d ago

He's in the movie. He's not going to trash it is he.

DillyDilly776d ago (Edited 776d ago )

No doubt after it comes out like Jeremy Irons did

ajax17777d ago

Must've been some check they gave him to praise that garbage. INB4 "it's not even out yet, how do you know it's bad?" ... the trailers say enough

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The story is too old to be commented.