10 Lessons DC Needs To Learn From Batman V Superman


It's been a rough couple of months for DC. Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice was supposed to show off what their new cinematic universe had to offer but instead it completely fell flat, leaving DC momentarily clueless about how to proceed.

They seem to have finally composed themselves and Warner Bros has unveiled the brand-new DC Films division. Ostensibly to oversee the development of their future films, it's pretty obvious that this move was in direct response to Batman V Superman's poor reception.

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Porcelain_Chicken778d ago

For the love of Christ just edit it properly! I do think Justice League will be a much better movie. Batman v Superman went through a lot of rewrites from 3 different writers mid-shoot which left the film feeling disjointed. Batman v Superman has 2 writers from the get-go, no Goyer, and Snyder is being kept on a tight leash!

thekhurg777d ago

People talk more about BvS than anything. You'd think all these Disney Marvel fangirls would write articles on something else.

Hold_It778d ago (Edited 778d ago )

I think we shouldn't really say anything untill we see the full version of the film (Director's Cut). It's sad that WB axed that version from theaters, because for all we know that version could be a 9/10, and the theatrical one was a 6.5 to a 7.5/10.

Porcelain_Chicken778d ago

True, that was the case for Watchmen.

Deadpoolio777d ago

No it wasn't there was literally NO difference in the Watchmen theatrical and Ultimate cut besides those stupid cartoons from the black freighter dvd, and the 1 minute into to them, which thank god they cut those out of the theatrical they literally added NOTHING do the movie of value...

UltraNova777d ago

Will they release a Director's Cut Blu-ray?

Hold_It777d ago (Edited 777d ago )



Yeah, it is supposed to come out July 17th. 30+ minutes of additional movie footage that was cut from the theatrical version. Apparently those 30minutes pushed the MPAA to give it an R rating, and that was cut from the film, along with Batgirl (supposedly), and a couple other plot points.

SarcasticDuck777d ago

just one lesson: torture, kill, burn, revive Zack Snyder, repeat!


And what else you expect from it!!

WizzroSupreme777d ago

Easy: Just let Batfleck and Geoff Johns run the show and you're golden. They're the only dynamic duo at DC that care whether this universe lives or dies. Give it to 'em. Give it all to 'em. They can be two halves of a Kevin Feige.

MilkMan777d ago

There is absolutely nothing wrong with Snyder. But it's the Internets so hate for hates sake and nonsense is just a way of life. Snyder did an amazing job considering the hot mess he was given. Put the blame where it belongs, with Warner bros. They wanted 8 years of marvel dominance over in one movie. Shame on them, and praise be to snyder. The man looked like a cancer patient by the end of the shoot.