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Joblo | 'The Do-Over' Review


It's hard to imagine Sandler's going to have any fans left once this contract with Netflix runs out, as the bar has been set so low even doing a terrible syndicated sitcom would be a step-up. This is absolutely incompetent film-making and the worst thing Sandler's ever been involved with – as implausible as that sounds all things considered. Hopefully he cranks the next two Netflix movies out quick so we can be done with him once and for all.

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WizzroSupreme779d ago

Say what you will about Sandler's art, but it sure must pay the bills. The guy's never out of work for lack of a good word.

freshslicepizza779d ago

well he has a fanbase who seem to enjoy his films, not sure why. he made a couple of good ones but i think the rest are garbage.

iliimaster779d ago

you can tell this guy just hates adam sandler? so why do a review why bother , Im actually a fan of his and this movie is ok i laughed pretty good throughout the movie and what was wrong with the first one he did for netflix ?

ShadowKnight779d ago

Nothing was wrong with the first film. This guy just don't like Adam Sandler.

Inzo779d ago

I like Adam Sandlers' movies, granted there were a few howlers along the way like Grownups 2 and Pixels and Zohan but I loved the first Grownups and Blended all the way back to Billy Madison which was ok.

Porcelain_Chicken779d ago

Harsh lol. I personally thought this was one of the better movies on Sandler's recent resume'!

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