The Simpsons "Orange Is The New Yellow" Review - AVClub

AVClub:In the end of “Orange Is The New Yellow,” The Simpsons’ 27th season finale, there’s a prison riot and a tornado. Marge is in the cooler because Martin’s overzealous mother spotted Bart playing—non-destructively even—in the park without parental supervision. The tornado sweeps up all the kids in town from that same park after Bart, fed up with the town parents’ half-assed over-parenting since Marge’ arrest, leads the kids there to play—because you never know with tornadoes. Homer, having broken into the prison dressed as a guard during a riot Marge is sort-of responsible for, reassures his wife that he and the kids do appreciate her, and that she doesn’t have to keep committing more crimes (she grabbed a guard’s gun) in order to stay in the slammer. They hug, a rainbow appears, and both the riot and the tornado are immediately forgotten. Sure, the kids are all stuck up in the branches of the same tree (except for Ralph, last seen contentedly ‘rassling with a bobcat in the tornado funnel), but everyone’s fine.

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