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Penny Dreadful "A Blade Of Grass" Review - AVClub

AVClub: At least once per season, John Logan and company get together and decide (with all due respect to the excellent ensemble cast), screw it: this week we’re doing The Eva Green Show. And who can blame them? They know what they have in Green as well as we do: a fearless actress who has no time for pedestrian concerns about vanity or what some might consider to be over the top. The comparison that occurred to me while watching “A Blade Of Grass” is Sheryl Lee in Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me. David Lynch’s prequel was unfairly maligned at the time, and Lee was collateral damage. Her performance as Laura Palmer was larger than life, nakedly emotional, and completely overlooked until years later. Green’s Vanessa Ives is in the same category: a deeply felt portrayal of a tormented woman, pushing far beyond the boundaries of naturalism. While Penny Dreadful fans are well aware of the great work Green is doing, her performance hasn’t gotten the mainstream recognition it deserves. (OK, Green did win the prestigious Fangoria Chainsaw Award, but aside from that...) A showcase like this one can only make it harder for awards voters to ignore her.

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